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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pula Playground Project Part 2

Okay, I finally decided to start blogging once more. And this time it's about my second time to go to Pula. The Pula Group of CS'ers decided to go back to actually do the inauguration. We are all enthusiastic that the playground is done and well for us to celebrate it's opening. However, due to unforseen weather disturbances, the development hasn't gone as expected. The five of us still pursued and decided to help out with the remaining tasks at hand. I had Sam, Rand, Jester and Charlie, just five of us decided to go.

We had to catch the last bus coming from Kamuning. We first waited until Rand and Jester gets back from the Bench show. They arrived well ahead what we expected but we still caught the late bus as we had been all chatting from that time and didn't realize we are almost late for the bus.

So we went and waited for the bus coming from Pasay. We almost thought we won't get in. There were a few seats available but unlucky us we only get to take seats for 3 persons. So we are five, how on earth did we manage to ride to Ifugao with only 3 seats...well, Rand, Sam and I shared the 2 seats. Jester has his own. And mind you...Charlie opted for the deluxe accommodation on the floor of the bus. He had a mat spread on the floor and with no qualms slept and enjoyed the trip. Haha

So since it's our second time we now know how to get to the Playground. We reached Ifugao almost 8 or 9am. And then decided we take the tricycle up the mountains because we don't feel like taking the motor and the jeep leaves at 1pm.

Unfortunately, the tricycle only goes up to the Municipal Hall. And from the municipal hall we need to walk on foot. Mark is picking us up at the Municipal Hall by the way.

It was almost 12 when we reached the playground. We rest for a few minutes and then Sam and I prepared lunch of 'Chopsuey'.

We are so pagod of course and we also feel like having a bath. However, we get there to help in the playground so off we go. There isn't much I had to do. I had the chance to paint some more and clean up the wood of cement I think. haha That's the least I can do that time while the rest did some painting too, chucking up wood etc. Oh by the way, we were also joined by other three volunteers. One of them is Will, from London, one from NZ and one is a Japanese lady named Asoka.

And then it rained in the afternoon. It was a great time for Sam, Rand and Jester to get wet in the rain though.

At night we share a dinner of spaghetti and dessert of fruit salad. Had a music jamming while having drinks.

I was too sleepy to join when they played some card games. So I went to stuck myself at the airbed. Hahaha

In the morning, we were left by the Jeepney. So it's quite unfortunate for us to walk back again to the Municipal Hall and from there catch the Jeepney to Solano. It was a tiring and long trip again back to Manila.

When we got to Solano, must be around 3pm we had lunch and then waited for a bus back to Manila.

Alas after hours on the road. We got to Manila at 1am. And I had to go to work on that Monday. Oh well, it was full of adventure as usual with my CS travel buddies.

To give some information on the Playground, it's basically a project by a fellow Cs'er Mark Booker. And basically after some months of construction the project should be finished soon. It's great to be part of these kind of projects. I know I have not done much but the little things you could do to help is still something, right.

And there goes the story though I'm not too sure if we still plan for a third visit - by that time the Playground is finally up and ready for the kids!

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