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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Boracay Post Accounting

So I've traveled to Boracay for the second time. And here's the post-accounting. In my opinion, it could have been cheaper but having had activities and didn't really skimp that much on food, I guess the expenses was just on the budget.

I've shared the cost of course with my cousin. Here's the damage in detail...

Boracay 2010 Post Accounting Per Pax
Flight Mla - Kalibo VV PAL 1240
Accommodation w/ free bfast La Bella Casa 1750
Transfers c/o hotel 800
Taxi to/from Airport 250
Tricycles 100
Activities: Helmet Diving 600
Activities: ATV/Mt. Luho/Butterfly Farm 700
Tshirt 350
Food 600
Keychains 200
Hair Braiding 200
Food Breakdown
Day 1
Yakun - Roti @ Naia 135
Dinner - Pancake house 244.285
Day 2
Lunch - Inasal 200
Dinner c/o Lynn's party
Day 3
Lunch - Mang Inasal 125
Jonah's Drinks 150
Dinner - Andok's 91.5
Drinks @ Juice Bar 150
Day 4
Lunch @ Kalibo Airport 150
TOTAL 8035.79


  1. I liked the way how to write your articles. Well you doin' great. It was helpful this salary expenses you done. Thanks to you.

    Tanya Gemarin

  2. Hi Tanya,

    Thanks for viewing my blog. Glad you liked it. Watch out for more posts! hehe see ya!


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