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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Last one for today

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I am definitely thinking again of planing to travel to South Korea! Gosh I can't help it...

I remember and thank God, I got me some miles I can redeem to get free flight tickets and guess what probably before the year ends, I could just be lucky enough to put up the required miles to set me on foot to Seoul and experience snow this December! OMG

I could be dreaming but no I'm not...when I say I will go...then I hook or by crook LOL

I've actually been looking up hotels to stay in Seoul. That's how excited I am. And I'm so full of life when I think about traveling again. Maybe it's the feeling of finding out something I don't know or experiencing getting lost that makes me so addicted to traveling. But what do I do. I feel excited when I think about going somewhere. I feel giddy when I look at hotels, comparing the rates, finding out it's cheaper than the other hotels, seeing beautiful photos of places I've never been to, reading reviews about good and bad travel experiences. I'm thinking maybe I was a tourist guide on my past life!

Anyway, enough of this. I'm now concentrating on making sure I got enough of those miles to make me go to SK!

And if that happens, wow, my 2010 is such a blast to having been in 2 int'l destinations! Thailand and South Korea...

Thank you Lord. I'm so blessed. =)

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