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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Forest Club in Laguna

Since I'm not yet sleepy, I thought I'd just type a few notes about the happening this weekend.

It's a team building of IBPH and I'm glad I got to join them again...being 'honorary members' of their team!

So the activity was set at Forest Club. It was 2-3 hrs from Makati. When you go there, try and leave early to avoid being caught in traffic. We were supposed to arrive at 8:30 but we got there almost 10:30.

Of course, since we are running late, we had to start immediately. We barely had time to rest. We only changed to our activity clothes and then head on to the activity area.

First stop is the Canopy Walk. I don't have the pics yet, but hopefully I'd grab some this week. We had to climb up a bamboo walk. It's quite scary especially when you know there's no net to catch you in case you fell off. There were just nylon cords you can hold on to at the sides but when you look down, no nets of any sort...I and the rest of the guys managed to cross the 500 meter walk. The bamboo was hot at some parts though so it's quite burning on the feet...yes we walked with our bare feet.

After that we head to the obstacles course and ski walk. We were so competitive ha! But towards the end of every winning streak we still miss out doing the right thing.

The ski relay is a fail! Anyhow, our team spirit remains!

We had some snacks for a while, then continued with the magic carpet, trust walk and spider web and buko relay. All these seems good and we accomplished with flying colours except for the buko relay!

Lunch was served as we are all hungry and exhausted...

We then proceed with the survival games - line walk, wood crossing, and raft...and the much dreaded mud crawl! Waaaah! Anyway, we all got dirty and smelly but we all had fun laughing at ourselves and ranting about the mud and all the what not's.

We had a lot of funny experience during the activities. And it was such a good time to enjoy with the rest of the IB team.

Ok so since we were all dirty, we had a few hours to clean up and get ready for afternoon snacks. We had some rest and tried the wifi available next to the pool area so we had time to check up on our facebook...being the Fb addict that we are...

After snacks, we head to the pool for a refreshing swim. But, beware the pool water is HOT! Yes! It's not boiling hot but it's close to that. But we managed anyway and enjoyed still. We stayed in the pool until dinner time.

Dinner was good. We had a great serving of nilagang baka, inihaw na tilapia and chopsuey...yuummmy!

After the dinner we had a few hours to spend with some team building games: hep hep hooray, family feud and pinoy henyo...It was fun and we are all laughing all throughout. The IB team also had an awarding ceremony, from the ms muddy, to the early birds, to the buzzer beater award! Indeed the day was ended with a blast.

We still played 'Taboo' afterwards with some of the guys...and then got tired and sleepy and just went to sleep.

The next day we need to check out at 8:30. I woke up at 6:15am because I feel cold already and can't sleepy anymore so just decided to take a bath and so I can have time to fix up my things.

We had breakfast at 7:30 and then left at exactly 8:30.

Overall, I'd say it was such a productive weekend for me and the rest of the IB team. I'm sure that everyone enjoyed it...especially the mud crawl! LOL

Forest Club is accessible via the website

PS. During the activity, one of the marshalls (or the team organizers from Forest Club) also captures our picture...I suppose they'll be posting our pics on their website too...


  1. Thank you for featuring Forest Club on your blog!

    We shall be posting photos of your visit on our web sites ( and within the day).

    We hope you can visit us again soon!

  2. Thanks! We really had fun doing the prepared activities in Forest Club! And thanks for sharing the photos in your site! :)


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