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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Corregidor Trip - 2010

I haven't had the chance to post a blog about the trip to Corregidor. It's actually the teambuilding for VMS team but since it's one of those tourist places which I have never been before, I would of course try and share our experience of this great and historical place.

I did the booking for an overnight stay at Corregidor Island thru Suncruises. You can find all the details in their site. There's a lot of activities in the island which I will try and show through the pictures we took.

We were 11 in the group, so it's quite important to make your booking ahead of time so ensure you have slots especially if you plan to stay in the island overnight.

On the day of our trip, we had to be at the CCP Terminal as early as 7. I think I got there same time as Dips. We got inside their office and I had to get our passes and stickers. At around 8 we took the Jeepney/shuttle to take us to the ferry terminal w/c took us just a quick 5 min ride.

We board the ferry at 8:30 and the ferry left at around 9. If you are carrying big bags, you will be allowed to check them in before boarding. This means, once you leave the ferry the bags go straight to the hotel, and proceed with the tour on the tram. This is what we did so we won't bother bringing big bags with us.

Well, it was a hot day when we got to the island.

If I remember right the first stop is the Lateral tour of the tunnel. There was a light and sound show of the past war stories. Brings back the memories of WW2. A bit scary for some because it's a bit dark inside but I wasn't.

We got to the different battery grounds, war buildings, cannons, hospitals and barracks. They are all over the place. Indeed they bring back the memories of the War in 1940's. The buildings were all shattered. I can't imagine how it felt during the war, when the bombs were just dropped all over the place.

I remember we went to the hospital. The tour guide who was quite funny too, told us it had a red cross sign above it but still a bomb was dropped in the building. What happened after ist that, the patients were transferred to the Malinta Tunnel.

We get to have a glimpse of the hospital inside the tunnel. Quite creepy but hey, can you imagine how it felt during the war...We did! Our tour guide during the night lateral tour, asked everyone to shut off their lights. When all lights were out, that made me realize how hard it was to be inside the tunnel and feeling the fear that anything could have happened.

After the night lateral tour we head to the hotel to rest, freshen up and take dinner. We had our own time for ourselves since it was our team building.

In the morning, we had breakfast on the other side of the beach where the McArthur statue stands.

So we had a few hours to take lunch and fix our things. We left around 2pm. It was raining when we head towards the Manila dock. It's a good sign that it won't be too hot...but just before I got my cab home, stronger rain poured. hehe

And there goes my Corregidor trip. I did remember my lolo and lola. I think it would have been a more interesting trip with them as well when they will fill us up with all their own experience of the war.

Anyway here goes the photos...


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