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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Taiwan Holiday 2012

I can't believe I have a couple more backlogs. I noticed this Taiwan trip lying around my list of drafts so I'm now trying my best to recover the memory and provide you details of that trip.

This is another international trip that I have planned together with my closest Couchsurfing friends. We all decided to couchsurf again as it would really save us some more money and at the same time get more acquainted with international couchsurfing community which we all enjoy doing.

So why did we actually choose Taiwan. Basically, the love of telenovela, F4 would have been one reason. And one is because the promo fare then was so attractive we can't avoid it any longer. There is also some suggestions from other friends in CS that Taiwan is good and is not too expensive.

Taken at the Taroko National Park Entrance
After booking our flights, it was long before we decided to prepare what we wanted to do. Of course, I was usually busy researching and looking the perfect host. Until finally there was one who happily hosted the 4 of us.

The itinerary was also mostly prepared by myself. I decided to choose to head to Taroko to see the gorge. It was a few hours train trip and the scenery on the way was very nice. We got through mountains which is amazing.

I will try to re-write the post accounting and our itinerary and hopefully I can still remember all of them. Haha!

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