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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Brisbane Trip Day 1

Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland. A few minutes flight from Sydney, this state is known to be the Sunshine state. I suppose this is because, it is much warmer in this side of Australia. Hehe!

So after a week in Sydney, which was mostly spent for work, I went to take a quick trip outside New South Wales.

I arrived in Brisbane around 8 am, on a Saturday and I was picked up by my Ninang (Godmother), her daughter and my uncle (her husband).

We stopped by to have breakfast at McDonald's. And after some rest at their house, we plan to go to South Bank and then explore the city.

Here's a panoramic view of the river.
There's a lot to see in South Bank. We first took lunch at one of the food shops there. And afterwards head to the man made "beach" and took a refreshing dip.

The weather then was a bit cold so imagine swimming in the pool in a very cold weather. It was really cold for me. But I enjoyed it anyway.

There's a number of food stalls to choose from

This is me and my kinakapatid Sharlyn.
After a refreshing dip, we head to the city via ferry.

We took a ferry from South Bank to the city

View of the skyscrapers on our way to the city
We walked around the city and took a lot of pictures.

Where to go next? I love street signs.

Inside the Cathedral of St. Stephen

Facade of the cathedral

This is a very attractive building. Swarovski's on display

Walkway but there seems to be some construction on this area


Another church where we stopped by
We went to have dinner at a Thai place. The food was good except that the meals took a while to be served.

Photo op at a Thai statue

The Thai Orchid Restaurant
After dinner, we went home and took a rest. The next day we'll be heading to the beach in Surfers Paradise.

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