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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Applying for Taiwan Tourist Visa

This October, I'm set to visit another wonderful country. Taiwan, Formosa as it was formerly called, is my second overseas trip this year!

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Of course, before anything else, the visa is an important document to prepare before going. So I wanted to share to you to the process of how I went through it.

It is highly advised that you consult the official Taiwan Embassy Page as this post is just to account my own experience in applying for the Visitor's Visa.

In my case, I have prepared the following:

1. An online Visa Application Form (please access to fill up the Form and print them out) *when you print it out you just need to sign it on the last page, no other hand written details are to be entered on the form
2. Two (2) passport size photos 1.5”x2” with white background (taken w/in the last three (3) months)
3. Passport valid for at least six months and old passport showing previous travels
4. Birth Certificate issued by NSO
5. Supporting documents related to the purpose of VISIT such as :
A. Confirmed round trip Air ticket or Booking Certificate
B. Certificate of Employment and Letter of permission to leave from the employer
C. Financial statements of the applicant such as:
(1) Income Tax Return
(2) Bank Book or Bank Statements

Make sure all documents submitted should be Original and with 1 photocopy. Don't forget to also photocopy the first page of your passport.

Important information:
Visa Fee: P2,400.00 (Single entry)/ P4,800.00 (Multiple entry)
(NON-REFUNDABLE) payable upon filing of application
Processing Time : 3 Working days * but you can expedite as well

Filing Time : Monday to Friday 8:45AM to 11:45 AM
Releasing Time : Monday to Friday 1: 45PM to 4:45PM

On the day of filing our visa, I went to their office in RCBC Plaza. The reception doesn't open before 8:30. So I waited until the reception accepted us. The lady had us sign the log and directed us to wait outside for our names to be called and then a number be given to us. I got number 15.

After getting the number, head back to the reception inside the Tower 1 building and leave your ID. If it's not the acceptable ID, you will need to deposit 1,000 pesos.

So I went up to 41st floor and waited for my number to be called. I was called but the lady informed me to photocopy the first page of my passport! And that wasn't even indicated in the requirements. I went downstairs to get it photocopied. As me and my other CS friends entered the office, the security guard noticed that one of my friends online form is not the updated form. Therefore we decided to go back the next day.

On the next day, I was really early as I had to get back to office immediately. This time I got number 7. Once my number is called the documents were checked. The lady returned some copies of my bank statements and Employment Certificate. She also asked me if it's regular or expedite. So I opted for the regular.

Next step is for the payment. I had to wait until may name is called and then paid 2,400 for the fee. After that I was given a receipt with the claim date 3 days after.

Claiming of Visa:
After three days of lodging, we finally got our passports back with the visa sticker on it! The process is almost the same, get number, surrender an ID and wait til number is called. Easy! However, there were too many people in the afternoon claiming their passports so it almost took as 2 hours waiting for our number to be called.

Anyway, all's good and we are now set to go to Taiwan for four days!

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