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Saturday, September 29, 2012

More Sydney Sidetrips

We headed to Darling Harbour after dropping by Circular Quay and met our colleague. We took another train from Circular Quay to Town Hall Station.

Town Hall station is only a walking distance from the Darling Harbour.

We met our friend and she gladly toured us at their office building found within the Darling Quarters. It's a new building if I may say.

The CommBank Place is a one of a kind, really spacious, hip and nothing I've have seen before in terms of the design and interiors. It really looks like a nice place to work in.

I really liked the very wide space within the building. There are spaces for hot desks where you can just sit and plug your laptop and voila work there.
We went up to one of the floors and saw more interesting sights within the building. I'm really enjoying it.

Loved the interiors and the mix of colours. Even I would think it doesn't look like an office!

There's a pool table too! How wonderful is that!

And this is me, enjoying a nice afternoon outside and with the view of Darling Harbour!

More dining area. Really funky seats!

I have to thank my good friend Nors, for taking time to tour us around. It was a really nice work place by the looks of it!

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