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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Of course, it's more Fun in the Philippines!

So everyone's raving (or bashing) the new campaign slogan of Department of Tourist (DOT). Some like it, some don't, but if you ask me, I'd say: "It sounds good". And true enough, more than an adjective, it's a statement and an affirmation.

And look, it's so easy to personalise this tag line with your own experience of Philippines!

Here's one I just did :) Definitely, more fun in the Philippines

So in support of this campaign, here's my 10 reasons for saying to the world that indeed, it's more Fun in the Philippines.

1. Karaoke - I think I don't have to explain this. Every corner of the Philippines loves Karaoke or Videoke. We love to sing even if singing doesn't love us. LOL

2. Beaches, beaches and more beaches - Boracay and El Nido are just two of my most loved beaches in the Philippines. I'm sure there's lots of it I have yet to discover! Let's go!

El Nido, Palawan 2011
3. Food - Adobo, lechon, sinigang, balut etcetera etcetera. Don't get me started or this blog post won't be finished.

Tamilok, an exotic find in Palawan

Street food

Lovely noodles and soup at Bona's Palawan
4. Shopping - Oh yeah! The shopaholic me will surely love the tiangges and sprawling malls in the Metro! From Divisoria to Greenhills to Mall of Asia, it's love!

 5. Christmas, New Year, Birthdays, Weddings just about any celebration - The love for good times, family and merriment is totally something Philippines will be known for. We are even known to have the longest Christmas season!

A Birthday card from my colleagues at work
6. Commuting- Jeepneys, tricycle, habal-habal. There's a variety of choice to get you from point a to b. The adventurous me even tried the topload jeep going down the mountain of Ifugao!

7. Speech, Language and Dialects - We seem to be one of the best English speaking countries in Asia but we do have dialects in some provinces. Our Filipino language is a mix of Spanish, Malay, Chinese etc. and the Gay-linggo!

8. Water activities - Being an archipelago, the country boasts a lot of water activities such as swimming in Boracay, diving in Coron, White-water rafting in Cagayan de Oro and Surfing in Siargao!

Swimming in Nagsasa
9. History and culture - Our great historical background, from the first inhabitants to Lapu-lapu's time, Magellan, Spaniards, Japanese and American occupation, oh the story is full of action and drama all weaved together.

10. Filipinos - Yes, the people itself are fun-loving citizens of the world. We get hit by natural calamities but notice when cameras are on, people flash their smiles and wave their hands to say: "We will be fine. Everything will be alright". We are known to be warm and hospitable to visitors too.

With CouchSurfing Manila, Nagsasa Summer Ender
So hey, why do you think it's more fun in the Philippines

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