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Saturday, January 7, 2012

DMZ: And the hope for tomorrow

One of the tours we joined during our brief stay in Seoul is the DMZ tour. We toured around the DMZ area for half a day together with the rest of the CS Manila.

On our second day in Seoul, we left for the early train to the city and meet the group at their hostel near Euljiro line.

Around 7am we left their hostel, boarded the bus to DMZ. Although it seems an interesting trip for me, I was hoping we could have gone to the other tour that lets tourists into the meeting area with the DMZ security!

Anyway, the first stop in the DMZ tour is this bridge they call the Freedom Bridge.

We then went and walked down one of the tunnels. Cameras were not allowed.

By the way near the Freedom bridge there will be shops to buy snack. I got a spam kimbap and coffee since we haven't had any breakfast yet.

After that we went to the observatory where you can have a brief glimpse of the land across the DMZ border.

Last stop is the Dorasan Station. Supposedly the station that should connect South Korea to North Korea. It's a great hope to finally achieve this in the future.

The DMZ tour ended with a quick trip to the Amethyst factory. Then the shuttle dropped us near Myeongdong area to have our lunch.

Myeongdong is full of shopping areas and restaurants, that's why it wasn't hard for us to enjoy the area. We loved it!

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