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Friday, January 27, 2012

N Seoul Tower and Lock of Love

After the refreshing walk around the city and C-Stream, we decided to finally get our N Seoul Tower fix.

After another challenging set of directions, we finally ended up in N Seoul Tower. Yay! We took the bus from the correct Myeongdong exit this time. It was like an accomplished task. We are finally going up the mountain and see the tower.

The tower had an amazing light show when we arrived. It changed colour once in a while and really looks wonderful!

Aside from the tower, there's also the lock of love where couples put locks, wish and throw away the keys to symbolise the locked love. There a lot of locks in different shapes and sizes.

It was almost December, so there's also Christmas trees around, made of the locks!

Perhaps, one day I'll place one for myself and the special someone!


  1. Hi! Was planning to go DIY for my trip to Seoul this year. Would you recommend to go DIY going to N Seoul Tower? We plan to go there before sunset so we can enjoy the light show in the evening :)

  2. @Nyc Hi Nyc! Yes, DIY is very doable just what we did. There are two option to go there one is via shuttle or the cable car but you will have to walk a few meters from Myeongdong. When you get to Seoul, stop by the Tourist information center they have the leaflets and maps that will help you with the directions! Enjoy! :)


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