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Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Two Week Aussie Getaway

I'm supposed to continue writing about the details of the Batanes trips early this year. Yes, a more accounted write up of what happened in the 5 days that I stayed up north, but I decided to skip that and write an overview of the sort of "unplanned" Aussie trip last July.

While it is true that I didn't foresee another trip to Australia this year, I still had the nerve to prepare an itinerary. Besides, making the itinerary is one of my favourite past times! I was supposed to travel with my cousin, and that was the big ticket entry why I really had planned the trip.

Due to some delays, I had to go ahead and do the trip on my own. It was a shame that my cousin wasn't able to travel with me, but well, things happen and there is still another chance for us to travel, so don't worry!

I have planned this trip to cover other areas and states outside of New South Wales. I have been to Sydney a number of times and although I admit I won't get tired of it, I think it's my chance to try other places outside Sydney.

My itinerary includes a quick stop in Brisbane, then a week in Sydney, a day in Canberra, a weekend in Central Coast, two days in Melbourne and then back to Sydney. It was so exciting. I want to do something like this again. There were only a few days I thought about work, but most of the time as I was on the road, I didn't have chance to check emails and worry about stress from work. It was a nice breather for me.

Story Bridge at night

Australian War Memorial

Parliament House

The 12 Apostles - Great Ocean Road

Friends I met during the Great Ocean Road Tour

Hyatt Hotel and Louis Vuitton in Melbourne

Flinders St. Station

Snowboarding at Mt Buller

Art and graffiti in Newcastle

Pelicans and The Entrance

La Perouse

Fish and salad lunch near La Perouse
Anyhow, I will start listing the basic expenses for this trip. The thing that took up bulk of my expenses is the airline tickets Manila to Sydney and back. I stayed with relatives and friends for the most part of the trip so it was such a big help on my pocket.

The tours and transpo also took a bit of my budget. The bus to Canberra, the flights between Brisbane and Melbourne. I'll let you know about it. It does help that I also got to avail of the cheaper tour in the Great Ocean Road and Mt.Buller tour from the Metro Deal voucher! Got this tip from a CS friend - Kcia!

The trips wasn't just about going around places, I've been so happy to meet all my relative, friends, acquaintances, new friends and even my work mates. It was such a memorable time that it wasn't easy for me to move on from the hang over of this trip! The travel bug keeps on bugging me...


  1. Wow Karen, this is a very wonderful and an unforgettable journey. I am so jealous of this trip.

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    1. Thanks for dropping by! It was indeed an unforgettable journey!


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