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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hundred Islands Weekend Trip

The weekend trip to Hundred Islands is a much awaited team building for our team.

Hundred Islands is in Pangasinan, almost 5-6 hours from Manila by van. We had one stop over along the way.

The tour package is actually a discounted one I got from an online deals site. It includes the overnight stay, the tour and daily breakfast. The staff in the hotel were very nice. There is even a videoke if you fancy singing your heart out.

Anyhow, I'll just let the pictures tell how beautiful the islands were.

In Marcos Island, there was cave where you can do a short cliff jump. I have no pictures but I did a short jump into the water. It was scary but really liberating when finally shoot up the water! Oh yeah, I'm still alive!

On our way back to Manila, we decided to take our lunch in Isdaan Floating Restaurant. Our experience wasn't too good as the food was so late but we enjoyed the chicken which is their specialty.

We also made our way on the Tacsiyapo Wall. It was hilarious because the person will announce where you hit the wall.

I even had a quick photo op with the First Lady, Michelle Obama! *wink*


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    1. Hi Nikolai, thanks for your interest to post in my blog. I haven't thought of it yet but would the guest post be related to travel?


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