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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Great Travelers Garage Sale

I'm so glad to be part of the first ever Great Travelers Garage Sale. It was an idea by the Sole Sisters Lois and Chi Chi which gathers like minded travelers hoping to fund their next travel pursuit, the idea of the garage sale seems a good idea to kick start our goals.

The garage sale featured wonderful items like clothes, shoes, slippers, books, bags and all sort of stuff from fellow travelers. The sale started morning and lasted until afternoon.

I was able to sell my old canon camera, some lanyards, the bangles and a pen!

Here are some photos. Thanks to WeAreSoleSisters for coming up with this. I think we are cooking up another one, soon I hope! To Monette of Flip 'n Travels for hosting the garage sale in their humble home and to those who also dropped by! Til the next one!

Shoes for sale!

Aileen and Mallow visits me at the garage

Gian, a fellow couchsurfer also dropped by and gave me a gift!

Happy shoppers

Paul, Monette, Tito Ed and Gian

Sorting out stuff

Bags, books, clothes

Accessories and Books on display

These cute purses for 100 pesos

Lovely shoes!

A buyer checks out the clothes

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