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Friday, June 3, 2011

Round the World Dream

I'm one of those people who aspires to travel around the world. It probably has the biggest tick box in my bucket list, though I don't have a formal list as yet. I'm sure it wasn't easy to prepare and do this kind of journey. Aside from the budget, the visa would probably be a great part of planning an RTW, especially for myself being Filipino and that most countries would require me a visa, except probably in most parts in Asia.

I was greatly interested to attend the talk of Ms. Lilliane of Wanderlass. Unfortunately, I was running late and was only able to catch the Q&A part and a talk about CouchSurfing by CS Manila Ambassador Ronnie. I wish the Wanderlass a great journey and hopefully she'll be able to do another talk when she gets back from her RTW trip! It would really be an inspiring talk for sure.

On a happier note, last Thursday I was so surprised to see an email from KLM!

Message reads: "Wherever your feet takes you...just think positive"

I no longer remember when I joined this contest. I wasn't even hopeful I'd win! But I was sure the message I placed on that entry means so much to me. It reads: "Wherever your feet takes you...just think positive". That message really sums up my universal idea of ALWAYS thinking positive. And it definitely works, I tell you.

Thanks so much KLM! I'm fervently hoping I would be able to fly on this plane! Like what I said, if I can't travel around the world myself, my PHOTO and Message will do it for me thru this delft blue tile on a KLM Plane!


  1. Oh WOW! Congrats on being chosen. Looking forward to that special plane ride :)

  2. Thanks Gaye! I'm really hoping I could fly on that KLM plane with my photo on it... :D


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