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Friday, December 10, 2010

The Chronicles of Coron - Day 2 and 3

I know, the day 2 blog took 1 week to be written. I would have to apologise. Works been busy so I had to move the blogging habit to the weekends. So it's very much likely that the 4th installement will have to be finished at least before the year ends...hopefully! :)

I just got back from a great reunion with my X-SST and SST friends. And after a good sleep I'm now back up and running well, I guess. Five tequila shots was enough to knock me out to a good slumber last night. Hahaha!

So off we go to the next part of my Coron adventure...

If the first day of the trip has been of misadventures and two is no different.

After a night of sleep, and good sleep at that since we are tired and sore from all the walking up to the Mt. Tapyas...we awoke with Rand's voice. Yeah, we thought Jester still encountered problems with the flight but to our surprise it has something to do with our accommodation in Sea Breeze. I'll probably not go further, but yes, it's the first challenge of the day...been settled with exchange of insights, but all's well that ends well.

So in the morning, we grabbed breakfast first, rented our snorkeling gear at Sanho Diving Shop. This diving shop was advised to us my MJ - Angela's good friend and long lost friend of Charlie who of course is also a couch surfer.

We went back to our rooms to wait for Jester arriving that day, while some of us went to the market to shop for our lunch. We have arranged with our tour guide that we'd buy the food and they will just cook it for us.

And finally, Jester came! Yeay! We're finally complete...Off we go to the port and get on the boat and start on our journey around the islets of Coron! haha

Our first stop - Kayangan Lake

If you are so into nature tripping, I'm sure Coron should be included in your list. The ocean breeze is so relaxing I want to sleep again on the way but I can't keep myself from looking at the beauty around me. Rock formations of the islands abound. It's just amazing too see that Philippines has such great and amazing sights. I look at them with gratefulness that we have been lucky to be blessed this kind of opportunity to marvel at these wonders.

Kayangan Lake is just indescribable. But before we actually get to the lake, a hike up and down is required. It's all worth it though. Plus a good swim at the lake is just delightful. We had an hour to spare before we decided to go back and finally take our lunch.

It is when we were going to the lake that we encountered again the two guys from Holland that were couch surfing with Angela. They wanted to join us on the island hopping and an overnight at the Banana Island.

So after the fulfilling lunch, we head to Banana Island to finally get settled and enjoy an overnight of fun.

We swam for a while until dinner. Dinner was of sinigang which is my favourite.

The night passed by with lots of stories that I had good sleep once more. I woke up with the sound of the wind and waves which I actually felt it was a strong storm but it wasn't.

I looked outside and found how peaceful the island feeling is. A sweet and silent morning at Banana Island. I went to see who else is already awake and had a bit of photo op again.

Breakfast is nice and we were ready to go and head to the island hopping for the day.

We dropped by the island near banana island which I forgot the name.

Then on our way our boatman told us we got problems with our propeller. Awwww! We had almost around two hours waiting for it to get sorted. We were near Malcapuya island all that time. We got off the boat to swim while waiting.

When that was fixed, we stopped over to see Banol Beach then to Shipwreck site. We took lunch first then headed on to swimming and check out the shipwreck underwaters.

I was able to see it and thought it's interesting to see a shipwreck the first time. Amazing what you can really find underwaters.

After that we head to other islands one by one as time permits.

CYC Beach

Twin Lagoon - but due to our jellyfish scare we decided to skip it

Siete Pecados, the seven islets where we had a good time snorkeling

Then we head back to the mainland to rest and find another place to sleep. We thought to move to a different accommodation. And we chose Coron Reef Pension house which gave us a room for a good deal.

After having dinner and walk around town, we had a bit of time to spare at Coron Divers and then hang out with some tourist we met next door.

We went to bed at around past 12. I can't believe we are leaviing Coron the next day...It just happened so fast...

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