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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Chronicles of Coron - Day 4

So here I am again finishing up the Coron write-up. Again, apologies for the busy week that I've been too lazy updating my blog. Last week's full of parties here and there and this weekend is just a reliever.

So here we go. On our last day in Coron, I woke up early around 6am. Have agreed with Abby that we are going to the market to get dried goods for pasalubong.

So off we walked to the market and grabbed danggit and pusit. I also got a shirt. Yeah, the usual pasalubong we can get from Coron. Ate vendor gave us a discount so it was cool. We also had a quick breakfast near where we bought the dried fish.

After that we head back to Coron Pension House to get ourselves ready.

Before heading to the airport, we then went back to the market as some of us are still wanting to get some pasalubong. Then after than we went to the shop to get some nice souvenir of coron.

The ride back to Manila was fine. No more misadventures for us. We've had enough haha.

From the airport, I didn't know we can get a shuttle to the MRT station so this a good information if you'd like to avoid paying too much on the taxi or having to bother going up the departure area.

It was a fun-filled trip, I will not forget. Like any other CS trip, this is a blast and wishing to have the next one soon! Cheers!

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