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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Winter in a Tropical Country

This year, my vacation destinations have been mostly of beaches...Boracay, Bohol and this November in Coron.

Philippines being a tropical country is obviously rich in these beaches. And beautiful as they all are, I wanted to try something different, something 'cooler'. But how in the world can I experience the winter-like feeling without going too far.

I have been intrigued once...

Ang Ganda super!

I read in some random blog that winter-like temperature happens in Batanes. Right then and there I made a decision that one day, I will go to Batanes to savour the 'Winter' in my own tropical country.

I have searched more pictures of Batanes and it's definitely nothing I've ever seen before. The green landscapes looked so beautiful and peaceful. I'm sure it's a perfect getaway I will surely enjoy.

And finally, with another Blog contest from SEAIR I'm taking another chance to fly to this terrific destination for free.

So why should they choose me to win? I have five reasons.

One, I joined the Boracay blog contest and wasn't too lucky. I think this time I'm luckier and they will choose me. Hehe

Two, I haven't traveled with SEAIR on any of my trips. So I'd love to experience their service.

Three, of course I wanted to experience winter in my own country. There wouldn't be snow though, but hey, what is 7 degrees of cool weather!

Fourth, I'd love to travel with a few other bloggers as we altogether document our happy Batanes getaway!

Fifth, simply because I want to win! :)

Thank you SEAIR! for this!

More details about the SEAIR Blogging Contest at

Woohoo, I just got a feeling this is it! I'll see you in January 2011, Batanes Winter! haha

Photo Credits (Thanks!): Sherjo - Maganda ang Pilipinas


  1. Karen, galeng ah. You should write more about your interesting trips, didn't know that about Batanes. Let me know how it goes! will be a follower! :) enjoy! ~CES

  2. Ces, Thanks so much! haha sideline ko ang pag ba-blog para mawala sa isip ang dami ng stress hahaha kaw din sana makapunta ka din batanes! :)


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