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Friday, October 1, 2010

Bohol Trip Post-Accounting

I know, this trip has gone a little too over especially with our food trip and pasalubong. But since it doesn't happen too often anyway, I'm still happy that I've been to Bohol at last and shared that experience with my sister.

So for those interested to know how much you can shell out with a 3D/2N Trip, then check it out.

Bohol Getaway
18 - 20 September 2010
Sat - Friday
1 pax
PAL thru Mabuhay Miles Great Miles Getaway 913
Day Tour + 2 nights Accommodation in Dumaluan Beach Resort 5,982
Dolphin Watching + Island Tour 1,300
Pre-Departure to Tagbilaran
Taxi to Airport 163
Terminal Fee 200
Entrance Fees 150
Pre-Departure to Manila
Terminal Fees 20
Taxi back home 150
Day 1
Breakfast Free
Lunch - Loboc River Cruise 400
Dinner 250
Day 2
Breakfast Free
Lunch 300
Dinner 375
Day 3
Breakfast Free
Lunch 250
Flight, Tour, Food 10,453
Peanut Kisses 125
Star Peanut 125
Star Fingers 125
Keychains 300
T-Shirt 100
Island Souvenir shirts 1,100
Pasalubong Total 1,875
TOTAL 12,328

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