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Sunday, May 2, 2010

The First Trip

Today is a very hot day! I can't keep myself from thinking of going to the mall to get free aircon. LOL.

Today is also a holiday, so I'm spending it at home and boring myself to death. I want to do something productive at least but the heat is keeping me from doing them. I would sweat with an inch of movement and it's not best feeling at all. So, I surf and check facebook and got bored. Okay, so what about taking the time to start writing about my past travels as I've promised myself to do. And now, I'm starting to type...

All signs point to the places I want to go to
PS: I've discovered something fancy in Multiply...I can embed the album here...amazing!

September 2005, marked a lot of firsts. First time to ride a plane. First time to leave the country just by myself (I mean no relatives to take care of me!), and first time to travel overseas.

It was actually a mix of excitement, sadness and uncertainty since it's my first time.

I was nervous on the thought of going to a place with no one older to take care of me. Haha! I'm such a baby.

I was even reciting the rosary when I was on the plane to Hongkong. I had a connecting flight to HK.

It was to me the longest trip of my life to think floating on air is such a weird experience on the first time. I was like in a bus, only I can't imagine the tires moving on the road. I can just feel the massive plane floating. And I am floating.

I didn't get to eat much on the plane. I didn't like the smell of the food which made me feel dizzy. I offered my dinner to an OFW next to me travelling to HK. He took it anyway.

We had to get off at HK airport to get the connecting flight to Sydney. HK International Airport is very big. I remember my workmate and I even got almost lost. We we're about to ride a train...but a kind airport staff went to ask us where we are heading and pointed us to the right direction! Thanks to him we might have end up at the wrong side of HK.

We had to wait 1-2 hours for the plane to Sydney. I was so sleepy then. It was quite around midnight and I'm still dizzy with the smell of the plane food.

We had to board the plane to Sydney and I tried to get some sleep. I was able to watch a couple of movies, enough to get me sleeping. The girl next to me was also watching a movie and I was to shy to start up a convo then. So I just went to sleep and avoid getting dizzy.

I might have felt some shake - a turbulence perhaps. I was a little alarmed but it's quite normal maybe coz nobody was alarmed by that. Haha! Maybe it's just me and my first time instincts creeping me out.

Okay so it was probably around 8 hour flight to Sydney from HK. My feet hurt when I woke up. They were all strained. We were given breakfast and finally, they didn't make me dizzy. I can't remember what the breakfast was...but I think I've kept the menu for souvenir...hehe!

We get off the plane and finally the thought of being in Sydney Australia has now sink in. I made it! I made through my first flight and though I got dizzy and stuff, at least I arrived safe in one piece.

So we go through immigration. Had our bags checked and off we go out. I was a bit cautious during the immigration check. I was a little worried if I might have brought something that is not allowed to be brought in, like dairy products, wood, plants, meds etc. I have declared my vitamins and generic meds to be sure. And I went through fine. I remember the immigration staff smile at me and said 'Welcome to Sydney'. I smiled and thanked him! And I felt a lil better...

So out we go to get a taxi...and it was very cold!!!

We had to wait awhile for the shuttle which will take us to the office. I think it was 55 AUD to North Sydney.

So there goes the first flight. Next I'll talk about the first sights I have seen in Sydney.

Unfortunately, I no longer have all the soft copy of my Sydney 2005 photos. I saved it in our old pc and now that pc has been reformatted together with my photos :( However, I have printed most of them and kept them in my photo album. And some I have recovered from my Friendster account...

Here's a few of them

Waiting for the catamaran where the company will celebrate Xmas Party

Sydney CBD, I can see OZ Trek from here

Darling Harbour with Nors

At Lavender Bay, North Sydney


  1. grabe batang bata s nors fresh eh hahahaha

  2. @eve07jane haha oo naman! di ba fresh na fresh pa...haha

  3. work related ba tong trip na to sa sydney?swerte mo naman...ako sa asia pa lang ako nakakapunta

  4. @chris Hi Chris, yes it's work related :) naswertehan hehe


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