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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Planning for next year's trip - Thailand 2010

Last November, I had the chance to grab one of Cebu Pacific's 50% off promo fare. It's a rush of excitement actually that it never really occurred to me how I'd budget the travel expenses. But later on, I consoled myself that I'm sure I can have a way to pay off my bills. Hehe.
Thailand is one of the destinations I wanted to try since I think it doesn't cost that much. Well that's what I think. 1 Thailand baht is just 1.40++ pesos. In February of 2009, I got to the chance to fly to HK with my cousin. And having the target of at least making it to one destination I've never been to a year, I thought Thailand could be the next one. And happily, it is! I was so overwhelmed that I immediately searched online of the perfect hotels and attractions to go to. Thailand has a lot to offer but I have to choose properly so we get the most out of our limited time and budget! We are actually five in the group so hopefully we could divide the expenses and hope it would be much more cheaper.

My cousin and I planned to go to a beach and then tour around the city. I first chose Pattaya, as I've read it was a lil close to Bangkok which is where we will be arriving. However, I got a bit of impression that it may be quite popular to tourist and crowded. So my cousin suggested an island - Koh Samet. It's an island 3.5 hours from Bangkok. Well, it's not too bad, knowing we'll be arriving in the morning and there is some hourse we can shell out to travel.
So there, overnight in Koh Samet and 2 nights in Bangkok for some more tours. It was exciting. Browsing and inuiring to all sorts of hotels. And finally finding the perfect one. I think I am enjoying all of it! Hehe and I made a special spreadsheet for all of our plans and budget.
It's a little crazy but still worth the effort. And importantly I've prepared it all too well up to the very least detail I can think of.
I hope to attach the spreadsheet to give you some idea of the budget! I'm sure I'll post the actual expenses when I got the chance.

Ok, if anyone is actually interested how much I have estimated the expenses for our 4-5 day trip to Thailand, link to the spreadsheet is here:

Thailand 2010 Planner by Karen

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