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Friday, April 27, 2012

One Day In Cebu

It's one of my most awaited trip this year since my supposed first solo trip was canceled in January. I was able to hit three wonderful province with one stone last March and I'm travelling again with some of the enjoyable friends from Couchsurfing. Our last trip together was the South Korea trip so we kind of missed the fun we had and here again is another memorable occasion for us to bond and just relax together.

It was an early Saturday morning and we need to fly to Cebu so early. I didn't mind since I always look forward to finally step to another place I've never been to and this time our first stop is Cebu. I'm travelling with Abby and Jester who have been to Cebu before so we didn't have any problems navigating around especially with the help of Jester's GPS enabled phone. I'm probably getting a GPS enable phone (jealous alert)!

We arrived in Cebu between 6-7am. We decided to stop by first the Mactan Shrine.

Mactan Shrine is the site where Lapu-lapu conquered Magellan in 1521.

Afterwards we head so SM Cebu to get something to eat as we are starving. We ate at KFC. True enough, I felt like I was just in Manila. But before heading there, we dropped by some souvenir shops near the Mactan Shrine.

After our lunch we head to check in and rest at Pacific Tourist Inn. We went to take a nap and later that afternoon we headed to Fort San Pedro to get our Rizal stamps. I'm still keen to complete my stamps although the contest may well be over in June. I still got a few more stamps to get.

Larsian is the quite well-known foodstop in Cebu. It used to be full block of the barbecue shops but when we got there there was just but one left.

We walked around and dropped by other Cebu attractions like the Magellan's cross, the Cebu Cathedral and made our way to Larsian for dinner.

I also got to see the Crowne Plaza Hotel where the SkyWalk is found. I'll hope to comeback and try it too! 

We had a great time and headed back to the inn to sleep and get ready for the next day. 

We are travelling to Dumaguete!

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