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Friday, September 16, 2011

Travel Talks 2 with the Sole Sisters

I was really looking forward to joining the Session 2 of the Sole Sisters' Travel Talks last Thursday. It was a weekday but that didn't stop me from going. I tried to leave the office a little early so I can be on time. Luckily, I got to ROX just in time to join in the dancing of Papa Americano! :)

Four wonderful speakers shared very helpful tips on traveling, photography and backpacking. There's James of JourneyingJames giving 10 Tips on backpacking, Estan of Langyaw with his tips on travel photography, Chi Chi of WeAreSoleSisters with her tips on preparing their 6 month long SEA backpacking trip and Lois, also of WeAreSoleSisters with the 100,000 pesos budgeting tip for their 6 month journey.

As usual, I was inspired again to do and jump into my own adventure of a lifetime. I'm taking it step by step that next year my first ever solo trip in the Philippines will debut with a trip down south!

It was also a nice event where I get to meet other Pinoy Travel Bloggers and friends from CouchSurfing. Apart from that, there were also games and free food afterwards. It was definitely worth attending.

If you haven't had the chance to join the first two sessions, they have the last one coming up this Sunday, 18th September. It'll be travel story and talent sharing night. Definitely a fun event to end the Travel Talk series with a bang! So go ahead and sign-up now - Travel Talk Session 3 - Travel Story Sharing Night

Photo credits: Grabbed from Kath of CS Manila and Lois/Chi chi of WeAreSoleSisters


  1. So glad you attended our talks and even blogged about it. Looking forward to our next meeting! Thanks Karen!

  2. @The SoleSisters It's my pleasure to hear your inspiring stories! Sayang di ako nakapunta sa last session mukhang enjoy ung post celebrations! See ya! :)

  3. i heard you had plans of your own adventure too. amazing! hope chichi and lois would help you! =)

  4. @Chyng thanks chyng! yup, i'm joining their garage sale actually to start building up the travel fund :)


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