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Friday, January 7, 2011

From this side of the blogworld...

Happy New Year TNT readers!

This is my first write-up for this year 2011 here in my travel blog.

I was just writing a list of goals in my personal blog in Multiply a few days ago and one of those is to be able to improve this blog, my writing and the stuff I put here. I plan to hopefully get some self-help tutorials so I can learn at my own pace. I do love to write (or in this context...type!) but I'm sure there's better way of delivering this especially in a material such as blogs. I'm quite inspired to write and share more whenever I check my blog stats. Whoever are those people reading or has bumped into this little place in the world wide web, you've just made my day and please do leave any comment/feedback. It would be a great motivation for me!

So everything actually started fine this year. We had the traditional media noche or New Year's Eve feast at home as we welcome 2011. I had a good time spending the Christmas holidays with family and friends. I'm just glad there's this bunch of people that makes me happy and feel loved. Haha! *So mushy!* There was a window period between Christmas and New Year where I had to go to work because I didn't file any leaves. It was quiet which is okay with me only I get a little lazy but still managed to finish a few stuff. :)

Honestly, I do have mixed feeling about this coming year. I believe I have just exhausting myself too much last year that I wanted to take a break this year and then start up with another batch of travel adventures in 2012. But just when I decided to slow down, here's a few more trips for me in the next four months. I just feel so...I don't know! hahaha I'm afraid I'm hitting my budget too much that I really really need to stop and recalculate before I do make another booking for another trip! Anyway, so I've mentioned trips coming very soon! But I won't divulge too much details for now because I'd like it to be a surprise! haha

So there you go...I really really hope 2011 would be a great year not only for me but for everyone! Good vibes is all I wish!

Happy travels! :)

Catch my next blog about my trip to...*TOOOOOT*

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