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Covid Diaries: Can't wait to hit the road

Good news for us in NSW, announcement were made last week that starting 1st of June, regional travel will be allowed within NSW, in the governments attempt to boost tourism.

This is a good sign. And with the Queen's birthday long weekend I'm sure most people have started planning their travel.
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Covid Diaries: Restrictions Easing Soon?

It's the  7th week since we started working from home.

Some restrictions are now easing. Last week, here in NSW, 2 visitors are now allowed in a household for socialising purposes.

But, shops are still only open for take away and deliveries.

Roadtrips for leisure are not yet allowed.

In short, we are still basically stuck at home.

However, news this morning suggests some more restrictions might be loosened by end of this week. And the government is now preparing business to open by July.

It is two months to go but I wonder how we will navigate the new normal in time of pandemic.

Noting that July is also peak of winter. And I have yet to get my flu shots too.

Are we going to continue working from home?

If not, how do we commute to work if everyone starts going back to work especially at peak hour?

And most importantly when will international travel be allowed...oh well, just some questions popping on my mind.

On a lighter note, I still have a personal to do list to accomplish anywa…

Covid Diaries: Pockets of Green

It was a nice sunny Saturday today so I decided to finally take some quick walk around our neighbourhood.

It was great to discover a couple of parks and reserves. I feel lucky I don't have to get too far to get the much needed breath of fresh air and vitamin D.

So here are the parks and reserves I ended up passing by.

This self isolation lifestyle is definitely a challenge for most people and these pockets of green are one way to give a bit of respite from all the uncertainty of the present crisis.

Ramblings in time of COVID-19

Hey folks,

I'ts been a long time since my last post, I know. In my last post I said I'll try and blog more...but here we are...3 years after!

It's roughly around 2 weeks since we started social restrictions here in NSW. At first, like many others, I thought it wouldn't get as bad. But 2 weeks on, we are here. Locked into our homes with no certainty when this will be over. And just thinking about it, I feel like it will take more than a couple of months.

Every morning, my ritual now includes checking the news, of whether cases have gone down or there are new restrictions being introduced. This, coupled with checking any updates on Facebook. Mainly, what's been happening in my home country Philippines. What's new and trending I guess so I don't get FOMO. Lol. Kidding aside, I can't help but compare the situation and how this crisis is being handled in both countries....don't want to go in detail though but here's to hoping we all get through this.…

Hello from this side of the world


Whew, I cannot believe my last blog post was 2 years ago. I don't even know if anyone is even checking it!

To those who are still checking my humble blog, well, I'm now based on this side of the world called Sydney, Australia.

I actually missed writing and blogging and so started contemplating if I should start a new blog or revamp this old one I have.

I didn't want to totally dump the stuff I've put here so I'm still keeping it.

BUT, I will soon publish a new blog. A more personal take on how I'm going with my experience, travels and basically whatever I can share and come up on this side of Australia. Just typing now and thinking about it, makes me excited. :)

I won't put too much on this post. Just catch me on my new blog. ;)

- K, with love

Road trip to the North

It was the Independence Day weekend when we decided to head up north and plan the road trip with my two friends. The target was to drive by midnight and have stop overs along the way if required. But the final destination would be Pagudpud since both of my friends haven't been there.

This is not the first time I'm travelling to the North. Given that, I know how long the drive would be!

Anyway, we went ahead and all excited to get on to the road for this perfect weekend road trip.

We went on a quick stop in San Simon to have dinner at my friend's place and then on went for the long drive.

Driving at night could be a bit boring though as there's nothing to see but the pitch black surroundings. We sufficed ourselves with listening to music and chatting about whatever comes to mind.

In the morning, we reached La Union and feeling a bit hungry we decided to make a stop over in one of the resorts and grabbed our own packed food - hotdog, ham and white bread! We were tempted …

Last Minute Summer Getaway @ Aquaria, Calatagan, Batangas

It was an early morning travel for our yearly company outing. Heading to Aquaria, Calatagan, Batangas, is a 3.5 hours land travel in our comfy bus. We left around 6.30 am and arrived before 10am just in time to get ourselves prepped for a whole day of rest and relaxation.

The travel was smooth, though you might require one toilet stop. haha!

It was just a day tour and since I didn't fancy going tanned again, I just settled myself relaxing by the beach and enjoying the breeze and food (of course!). It would have been nice though if I brought something to read as it was a nice day to just sit around and rest.

Aquaria is fairly new by the looks of it. Our group was settled at the far end of the beach. Although the beach looks nice, there were some water lilies or plants, I'm not sure, along the side of the beach which could look unpleasant, at least for me.

Anyway, just thought I'd share for now what I think of the place.

The pools and slides look nice but there are so many p…